Bearsden is a thriving community of some 27,000 people. Those of us lucky enough to live here know that it really is one of the very best places to live in Scotland.  It is a great place to bring up children, and it is an equally great place to enjoy your later years. Bearsden offers so many opportunities to so many people!

Our community is well served by Facebook groups, and paper based community magazines.  However, these have varied intentions and approaches. What is lacking is a genuinely community minded website that 

  • meets the needs of young and old alike,
  • offers space freely to support and promote volunteer groups,
  • offers space freely to support freelancers who need exposure,
  • offers easy access to a free calendar of local events and classes,
  • advertises and promotes local businesses first
  • offers help and advice on issues that affect residents of Bearsden

This website seeks to fill that gap – please support us to support you!

You can get involved in a number of ways.  Click here to find out what we can do together or contact us.